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Environmental Discharge Monitoring: Discharge Monitoring System For Closed Channel and Open Channel Flowmeters Using Flow Computer (SUPERtrol-I)

SUPERtrol flow computer, Environmental Discharge Monitoring, closed channel flowmeters, open channel flowmeters,

BACnet Solutions for KEP Flow Computers: Kessler-Ellis Products offers two BACnet Communications Protocols BACnet MS/TP and BACnet IP

BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP, flow computer, communication

Heated or Chilled Water Energy Metering Concepts: Typical Heated/Chilled Water Metering System Using Magnetic Flowmeter System, Two Temperature Transmitters and Electronic Flow Computer

SUPERtrol flow computers, magnetic flowmeter, steam flow computer, energy metering

Remote Batch Monitoring System: Remote Batch Control and Monitoring using the MINIbatch Batch Controller and MMI-850 Graphic Touch Panel Display

MINIbatch (MB2) batch controller, operator interface, remote batch monitor, touchscreen display

Batch Loading Produced Water: Batching Application for Produced Water in Oil Production Operation & Frac Water from Hydraulic Fracturing of Shale Gas Wells

MS716 batch controller, load batching, produced water, hydraulic fracturing, hydrofracturing, fracking, fraccing, oil production

Steam mass flow monitoring using a Vortex flow meter

ES749, steam, vortex

Argon compensated volumetric flow using a Vortex flow meter

ES747, argon, compensated, vortex

Communicating with MASStrol via modem over telephone lines

MASStrol, modem, RS232, communication

LPG mass flow monitoring with on-line compressibility compensation

MS748, LPG, compressibility

SUPERtrol II operating with Roots CEX transmitter

SUPERtrol-2, Roots, natural gas, positive displacement

Use of KEP signal conditioners, power supplies and anti-coincidence summer

AMP-1-10k, 115-12, D4ES, power supply, preamp, summer

Why measure steam on a mass flow basis

SUPERtrol-2, steam

Hazardous area ready reference and comparison between USA and European standards

Xtrol, hazardous, CENELEC, FM, UL

Measurement of total additive consumption in a parallel pipe situation using a MINItrol

MINItrol, A+B, A-B, AsepB, parallel

Calculating and using K-factors


MS716 performing two stage temperature compensated batching on a loading rack with a Brooks Bi-Rotor meter with high speed pulser and large dial register

MS-716, batching, Brooks, Oval Gear Flowmeter

SUPERtrol-1LE performing two stage volumetric
batching of de-ionized water with a Magnetic Flowmeter

SUPERtrol-1LE, batching, Magnetic Flowmeter

SUPERtrol II monitoring steam mass flow

SUPERtrol II, steam, mass

SUPERtrol II monitoring compressed air flow, displaying compensated volumetric flow and giving two analog outputs

SUPERtrol II, air, vortex, compensated,

Gas equations and gas calculations (US units)

gas, density, calculation

Gas equations and gas calculations (SI units)

gas, density, calculation

Accuracy statements


Connection options for Turbine Flow Meters

turbine, BAT R/T, minitrol, massbatch, supertrol I, supertrol II, keptrol R/T, batchtrol, masstrol, flowtrol, keptrol F/C, DPFC, squirt

Communicating with the Intellect 69 via modem and telephone lines

intellect 69, modem, RS232, communication

Communicating with KEP products, via modem, using the Windows™ terminal program

modem, RS232, windows, communication

SUPERtrol I displaying rate and total with a signal derived from a Brooks Mini Oil Meter with Mini Oil Optical Pulser (MOOP)

Supertrol I, Brooks, Mini Oil Meter, Mini Oil Pulser, MOOP

SUPERtrol I displaying temperature compensated rate and total in a petroleum transfer application with a Brooks B-80CB BiRotor™ meter with high frequency dual output pulser and large dial register

Supertrol I, BiRotor, large dial register, rate, total, petroleum, transfer, dual output, quadrature, high frequency

SUPERtrol II monitoring heat flow across a heat exchanger in conjunction with a Brooks model 5000 electromagnetic flowmeter and model 3560 remote electronics

SUPERtrol II, Brooks, electromagnetic, heat, 3560

Supertrol-I Performing Two Stage Volumetric Batching of Waste Water with an Oval Gear Meter & High Speed Pulser with Bubbler Overflow Protection and P1000 Printer

Supertrol-1, Micro Oval Flow Meter, P1000 Printer, & Bubbler Device.

Leveltrol-II Performing Single Stage Corrected Volume Batching of Antifreeze with DP Transmitter and Temperature Transmitter.

Leveltrol-II, DP Transmitter, & Temperature Transmitter.

Measurement of Rate & Total Consumption in a Parallel Pipe Situation using a INT69RTAL1

INT69RTAL1, Analog Flow Meter.

Measurement of Flow Rate & Total in a Parallel Pipe using a BATR/T2A and a Tubine Meter with Magnetic Pickup at a Remote Location.

BATR/T2A, Tubine Meter, Magnetic Pickup, Remote Location

Supertrol-1 performing Volumetric Reading of Pond Level with a Ultrasonic Transmitter and Rain Gauge.

Supertrol-I, Ultrasonic Flowmeter, and Rain Gauge

Printing to Office Printer (Epson FX 286e) Supertrol II to Serial/Parallel Converter to Epson Printer (FX 286e)

BSupertrol II, Black Box Converter (PI 115A), Serial Cable, Epson Printer

Batchtrol II Injecting Flavored Marinades into Chicken at a processing plant using a Coriolis Flowmeter

Batchtrol II, Coriolis Flowmeter

Ten KEPtrol R/T Frequently asked questions and best kept secrets.

KEPtrol R/T Best Kept Secrets

Ten BATCHtrol II Frequently asked questions and best kept secrets.

BATCHtrol II Best Kept Secrets

Ten BATR/T Frequently asked questions and best kept secrets.

BATR/T Best Kept Secrets

Intellect 69 Most common field related problems

Intellect 69 questions and answers.

Minitrol Most common field related problems.

MINItrol questions and answers.

Ten SQUIRT Frequently asked questions and best kept secrets.

SQUIRT Best Kept Secrets

Ten Supertrol-1 Frequently asked questions and best kept secrets.

SUPERtrol-1 Best Kept Secrets

Ten SUPERtrol-2 Frequently asked questions and best kept secrets.

SUPERtrol-2 Best Kept Secrets

Richard Gruskos

Eastern U.S. Flow Sales Manager
Richard Gruskos - Eatern U.S. Flow Sales Manager
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Eastern U.S.

Emil Del Prete

National & International Sales Manager
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Keith Sabat

Sales Engineer: HMI Software and PLC Displays
Keith SabatSales EngineerHMI Software and PLC Displays
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Stan Kurc

KEP-CM Sales Manager
Dave Osborne - KEP-CM Sales Manager
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Ron Dawson

Infinlink HMI
Sales Manager /Technical Support
Ron Dawson - Infilink HMI Sales Manager
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Work Phone: 732-935-1320 ext:332
Mobile: 908-403-6854
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Emil Del Prete

National & International Sales Manager
Emil Del Prete - USA & International Sales Manager
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