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Flow News

Subject Topics Date
Steam & Heated/Chilled Water Metering Energy Flow Computers for metering steam & heated/chilled water
Visit KEP at IDEA's Campus Energy Conference
Field Indicators from KEP BAT R/T Family: Battery Powered Rate & Total Indicators
Squirt Family: Loop Powered Rate & Total Indicators
Digital Panel Meters Minitrol Series - Pulse Input DPMs
Intellect-69 Series - Analog Input DPMs
Beacon Series - DPMs wirh AC Voltage/Current & DC Voltage/Current Inputs
APM Series - Process Monitor DPM with Analog Inputs
Visit KEP at IDEA Conference and Learn About New Panel Mount Printers What Flowmeters Do You Use?
New Panel Mount Printers
Spring Cleaning with KEP KEP's Complete Refurbishing Service
KEP's Flow Batch Controllers KEP's Batching Systems include:

See Also... Batching Tutorial
Summer is Around The Corner...Is Your Chilled Water System Ready? KEP Flow Computers for Chilled Water Colling Systems
IIoT Solutions
KEP Flow Computers for Heated/Chilled Water & Steam System We Have Your Energy Metering Solutions
IIoT Solutions - Multi-Protocol Communication Card for SUPERtrol Family
Visit KEP at IDEA's Campus Energy Conference
KEP's MINItrol Series - Versatile & Affordable! The MINItrol Family Is Our Most Versatile Pulse Input Ratemeter, Rate/Totalizer, Batcher, Timer, Preset Timer, Basic Counter 12/15/2016
KEP's SUPERtrol I Helps SNWS measure pumped water through the Nevada Dessert KEP's ST1 Flow Computer Helps SNWS Pump up to 900 Million Gallons of Water per Day Through the Nevada Dessert 10/20/2016
Flow Batch Controllers from KEP From Simple to Advanced...We Have a Batch Controller for Your Application
Thermal & Impact Receipt Printers
Visit KEP at IDEA Conference and Learn About New Communication Option Multi-Protocol Comm Card For SUPERtrol II (ST2) Family
When Metering Energy... What Flowmeter Technology Do You Use?
Visit KEP at Hannover-Messe 2016 in Hannover, Germany Visit Kessler-Ellis Products (KEP) at Hannover, Messe 2016 in Hannover, Germany. April 25-29 2016 04/19/2016
KEP Steam Flow Computers... Go With The Flow! 02/02/2016
'Tis The Season For Savings at KEP 12/08/2015
Flow Computers for ALL Popular Flowmeters Our Flow Computers Accept Inputs From All Popular Flow Meter Types 11/24/2015
KEP Has Your Affordable Rate/Total Displays 10/2015
Low Cost Rate, Total and Batch Control Solutions 10/2015
Winter Is Coming! 08/2015
Large Display Batcher 08/2015
Flow Computers That Fit Your Needs 06/2015
Go with the FLOW... Go with KEP 05/2015
Economical Rate & Total Displays 03/2015
Flow Batcher Overview 03/2015
Visit KEP at IDEA Conference in Denver 01/2015
Tank Farm Monitoring Using LEVELtrol II With RS485 Modbus RTU 11/2014
Batching Solutions, Remote Watermeter Display & Level Monitoring from KEP 09/2014
Steam Metering Heat Flow Computer 08/2014
Visit us at 105th IDEA Conference & Trade Show 06/2014
Chilled Water Tutorial from KEP  
2 New Products! Explosion Proof Batcher & Two Channel Flow Computer 02/2014
Economical Flow and Industrial Instruments 12/ 2013
Batch Control Made Easy From simple, low-cost batching operations to sophisticated, remote monitoring and advanced batch control applications, KEP offers you a variety of enclosures, communication protocols, input options and progressive batching features. 11/2013
Steam Metering Solutions 08/2013
Flow Instruments to fit Your Needs 06/2013
LDB - Large Display Batcher 05/2013
Low Cost Rate/Total Solutions: WE HAVE THAT! 04/2013
Custom Batch Control Systems 04/2013
NEW ST1-MANIFOLD-FC; 2 Channel Manifold Controller & Flow Computer 01/2013
Windows 7/8 Setup Software for SUPERtrol II 12/2012
Batch Control Solutions 11/2012
Windows 7/8 Setup Software for SUPERtrol II 12/2012
CHP Expo and Utility Metering Systems 10/2012
Steam Metering Solutions 08/2012
Visit Us at IDEA Conference in Chicago, Utility Metering Tutorial 06/2012
KEP Flow Monitoring Workshop at IDEA 01/2012
ST1-NET-FC: Net Rate & Net Total Flow Computer 12/2011
Batch Controller Solutions - Batch Control Made Easy 09/2011
SUPERtrol II Flow Computer Provides Efficient Energy Monitoring Solutions! 08/2011


Operator Interface News

Subject Topics Date
Work Smarter not Harder...This New Year! 2016 Was a productive year for our HMI products. We introduced many new innovated products and features to allow you to Work Smarter, Not Harder in 2017. 01/10/2017
Did you turn back your clocks? What about your HMI Clock? Not to worry...The latest EBPro Release Syncs HMI Clock with PC Clock 11/07/2016
Find Your Pot O'Gold at KEP Happy St. Patrick's Day
New Color Options Added to the Pot
FREE EasyAccess 2.0 Activation License until 03/31/16
KEP to exhibit at Hannover Messe 2016
MMI8104H Discontinuance Reminder
FREE EasyAccess2.0 Activation License Kessler-Ellis Products would like to inform you of a new promotion from Weintek...FREE EasyAccess2.0 license! 01/27/2016
Introducing MT80990XE & MT8091XE HMI Touchscreen Panels 9.7" TFT LED Color Display, Touch, 1024x768, 262K Colors, Cortex A8 32Bit RISC CPU 1GHz, Storage 256MB, Flash Memory 512MB RAM, 3 Serial Ports, 1 USB Host, Ethernet Port, 24VDC
Affordable HMI We offer a wide selection of low cost, enhanced Graphic Display Panels with Touchscreen.
Infilink HMI Software offers advanced features and ease of operation at HALF The Price of our competitors!
Upgrade Options For Old HMI Panels Upgrade your old HMI pamels using ZS110 field replacement and upgrade options 01/2015
MT8000XE Series High Speed HMI Panels Introducing the MT8000XE Series HMIs which are equipped with a high speed A8 CPU 01/2015
MT8070iE Class 1 Division 2 HMI Panel with 7" Display 07/2014
cMT-SVR-100 - Cloud Human Machine Interface (Cloud HMI) KEP introduces an innovative HMI architecture. The HMI is split into server and display device. The server device connects to your controller and holds the HMI project, logging data, logging events, handling recipes, database maintenance, macro commands execution, etc. The project display is via an iPad using the free CloudHMI App. Not only are all the advantages of a traditional HMI and the motto of "Make Things Easy" built-in, but also the continued trend setting of infinite innovation in HMI technology - leading HMI into the cloud..    05/2014
mTV - Machine TV Interface Breaking through HMI architectures of the past, we freed the HMI from traditional combinations of LCD panels and touch screens. The compact mTV connects to various sized TVs or monitors with an HDMI interface. This makes real-time displays clearer and less limited.  05/2014
NEW Product Announcement - MT8000iE Series Compact HMI Displays We have released a new HMI series with features that were not previously available in our HMIs. This addition is the MT8000iE-Series and they are available in 4.3", 7" and 10" display sizes. 04/2014
NEW Product Announcement - MT8050iE Compact HMI Display Panel We have released a new small and compact 4.3" HMI with features that were not previously available in our 4.3" HMIs. This addition to the MT8000iE-Series, fills out the product line in spectacular fashion.
Introducing the MT8050iE 4.3" with TFT display. Compared to its MMI6050 and MMI8050 predecessors, the MT8050iE has a more compact design and slimmer enclosure. With 600MHz Cortex A8 CPU and 16M colors display, the MT8050iE shows vivid colors and displays real data with faster speed.
eMT3000 Series Recipe Database and Comparison Video 06/ 2013
eMT3000 Series 7", 10", 12" & 15" O/I Touchscreen Displays! KEP's new Professional eMT300 Series HMI Displays feature expanded temperature ranges and are built into a rugged aluminum housing that meets NEMA 4X/IP66 specifications. 02/2013
SAVE with KEP's Affordable Touchscreen Displays! 01/2012
NEW MMI6100 - A Low-Cost Operator Interface with 10" Display for under $1000 02/2012
NEW MMI8000 Series - Compact HMI Platform Mimics Industrial PC 05/2008

Industrial Instruments News

Subject Topics Date
Trumeter Acquires Counting & Timing Division Of Kessler-Ellis Products Click Here To See A List Of Affected Products 12/08/15
WIN BIG with KEP METERS Hit The Jackpot With KEP Low-Cost Meters 08/ 2015
When Panel Mounting Is Not An Option 32DINRAIL Mounting Frame... Provides Din Rail Mounting for KEP Panel Mount Meters.
Introducing APM-PROC LCD Process Meter
05/ 2015
Low Cost Gaming and Vending Meters Hit The Jackpot With KEP Low-Cost Meters 12/ 2013
Industrial Keyboards and Trackballs We offer many types of input devices with a wide selection of styles and functionality.  01/2013
Wide Variety of Enclosures with Remote Readouts for Any Application KEP offers a wide variety of enclosures and housings...from small wall-mount models for space-constrained installations to 1/32 DIN outdoor enclosures with multiple displays and explosion-proof NEMA7 housings for hazardous areas.  08/2012
New Display Solutions: 924K Counter, Ratemeter and Timer & APM LCD Panel Meter 03/2009

KEP-cm Contract Manufacturing News

Subject Topics Date
New KEP Website and Contract Manufacturing Division 01/ 2014

Infilink-HMI News

Subject Topics Date
INFILINK - INACAP Contest Third annual Infilink contest at INACAP University in Chile 01/09/18
NEW Infilink-HMI 5.0.43 Released New Slanted Text Wizard: Slant text to user set angle and set the border and fill color.
Updated Pipe Wizard: Turn ON or OFF flanges on pipe ends
New HD Demo Project (1920 x 1080)
Krohne uses KEP's Infilink-HMI for Flow Meter Calibration KROHNE's Mark Lanes submitted a success story to Kessler-Ellis Products about how KROHNE is using KEP's Infilink-HMI to calibrate flow meters. 11/16/17
NEW Infilink-HMI 5.0.42 Released New Wizard: Confirmation Button This new wizard reduces the need for scripting when the project designer wants to have an "Are You Sure" confirmation button 10/10/17
EPG uses Infilink-HMI in a landfill leachate application KEP & EPG Companies - A Decade of Success and Counting 08/29/17
Infilink-HMI 5.0.41 Released Log Data & Alarms to MySQL with Infilink 5.0.41 Release 04/7/17
Infilink-HMI 5.0.40 Released With this update, nearly all the important Infilink-HMI graphics are supported when viewed in a web browser.
All data and windows are Read-Only, which minimizes security concerns.
Infilink-HMI News Infilink-HMI Price Update
cMT-iPC15 Panel PC with Infilink-HMI Preinstalled
Enabling IIoT with Infilink-HMI Article on how Infilink-HMI is making industry smarter. 11/30/16
Another Infilink-HMI Success Story & Tech Tip Infilink-HMI Helps With Environmental Compliance In South America
Tech Tip: Copying OPC Tags Between Projects While Maintaining Tag Scripts
Infilink-HMI V5.039b Released KEP's Infilink-HMI software is proud to announce new features in version 5.0.39b update. 10/13/16
KEP & Febelec Working Together For The Future! Article on the success of the KEP-Fabelec partnership. 08/10/16
Happening Now! KEP at Hannover Messe 2016 U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel walk the fair grounds during the opening of the Hannover Messe industry fair in Hannover, Germany. 04/25/16
KEP to exhibit at Hannover Messe 2016 Kessler-Ellis Products (KEP) will be attending Hannover, Messe 2016 in Hannover, Germany. The Expo is taking place April 25-29 2016. 03/08/16
Infilink-HMI: New Features, Same Great Service and Innovation New features for 2016 with its 5.0.38.a update
Infilink-HMI Helps Power Water Purification for Historic Brinton Museum Article on how The Brinton Musuem, and their creative leadership team are managing their own water needs with an in-house system powered in part by KEP's Infilink HMI Software 12/17/15
International Success Story Article on the successful partnership between Fabelec of Chile and KEP's Infilink HMI Software 11/18/15
Affordable HMI We offer a wide selection of low cost, enhanced Graphic Display Panels with Touchscreen.
Infilink HMI Software offers advanced features and ease of operation at HALF The Price of our competitors!
Infilink HMI Software Version 5.0.37 Released! NEW Infilink HMI Version 5.0.37
  • Wizards added : Window Controls CheckBox and Radio Button
  • Bug fix: There was an issue with OPC tags used in reports, fixed
Powerful & Easy to Use HMI Software at a Fraction of the Cost! NEW Infilink HMI Version 5.0.34 Includes hardware USB key support and KEPRUN-REPORT: a powerful new Reporting Feature (optional). 07/2014
Powerful HMI Software that you can afford! 02/2014
Infilink HMI Software Version 5.0.32 Released! Infilink Graphics can now be seen through Internet Browser on Android and iOS devices, and on Windows using Firefox and Chrome browsers.    Window Group added in project explorer. 08/ 2013
Infilink HMI Software Version 5.0.27 Released! 10/2013
New Features in Infilink HMI Software Version 5.0.25! 06/2012
Are You Tired of Paying $5000 for HMI Software? For between $1295 and $1995, depending on tag count, you get a full-featured industrial automation solution that offers you all the core HMI features and these cost-saving features:
FREE Design Mode
FREE OPC Server 
No yearly "maintenance" or "support" fees
Unlimited tag version only $1995
Infilink HMI Version 5.00.23 Released 09/2011
Infilink HMI Version 5.0.17a Released...the Affordable HMI Software Solution! 05/2010

Flat Panel Monitors (FPM) & Industrial Monitors News

Subject Topics Date
Looking for Affordable Industrial Monitors? 06/2014
New SLEEK FPM Industrial Monitors KEP's "NEW" SLEEK line of industrial Flat Panel Monitors (FPMs) are designed with a slim case and packed with features.  The TFT LCD display includes a resistive touch screen and an aluminum die casting enclosure with NEMA4/IP65 front bezel. 02/2014
Extreme Duty Industrial LCD Monitors with Wide Temperature Range The FPM/SRD-1012/1014 family of products is KEP's compact industrial monitor with 12.1" display. The 1012/1014 Series offers a 12.1" industrial grade LCD mounted in a package that is a drop in replace to our FPM-104 10.4" unit and FPM-120 12.1"unit 12/ 2013
NEW! HB-FPM: High Brightness Industrial Displays Designed for high ambient lighting conditions and industrial environments, HB-FPM high brightness monitors offer you a rugged, reliable and cost-effective solution. 10/2013
Specifically designed for demanding pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications, KEP's NEMA-rated Flat Panel Monitors facilitate compliant sterilization practices during cleaning and hose-down operations. 
NEW! Next Gen FPM - All The Quality at Half The Price! Now you can get the high quality Flat Panel Monitors you expect from KEP - at unbelievably low prices. Available in industrial, stainless steel and full IP65 versions 07/2013
NEW Industrial Sunlight Readable Monitors Designed for harsh outdoor and industrial environments, KEPlite sunlight-readable monitors offer you a rugged, reliable and cost-effective solution. 02/2012
NEW Rugged, Industrial Flat Panel Monitor and Touchscreen FPM1012 Series: Industrial Flat Panel Monitor and Touchscreen. Whether your application is ultra-clean or super-dirty, the rugged FPM/SRD 1012 and FPM/SRD 1014 industrial flat panel monitors are designed for the most demanding industrial environments. 12/2011
NEW Rugged PC Series - Industrial Panel PC The Rugged PC series are panel mounted industrial PCs. They are designed for industrial, offshore and other harsh environments. The Rugged PC series integrates KEP's high-resolution industrial display with a high-performance Intel CPU. 10/2011

General News

Season's Greetings from KEP. We are looking forward to doing business with you in 2017!
December, 2010 - Season's Greetings from KEP
December, 2010 - End of Year Special Offers, GOST Approvals, MMI8050: 4.3" Interface with Ethernet, New ES762 Features
Join us at The 2010 IDEA Annual Campus Energy Conference in Reno
Happy Holidays from KEP December 2009
Happy Holidays from KEP December 2007
Join us for IDEA 2008 Scheduled Events.
November, 2006 - Happy Thanksgiving from KEP
Join us at IDEA Workshop 06 and ISA EXPO 06
KEP Receives ISO 9001 Certification
November, 2005 - Happy Thanksgiving from KEP
March, 2005 - Affordable Flat Panel Monitors

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